MEL-Con Writing

Origins of MEL-Con

Often times, when students are asked to write a paragraph, they struggle with what to write; how long they should write; when, where, and how, to add transitions; and how to wrap up a paragraph.  MEL-Con provides the support developing writers need to help organize their ideas into a concise, thorough, and coherent paragraph.  After years of using this model, I have seen unclear, illogical writers become clear and rational communicators.

The origins of MEL-Con come from a teacher in District 214.  Jim Schiferl created this acronym (and many of the accompanying resources) that multiple students have used successfully over the years.  Writing data from the district confirms that their students’ writing competency is worth emulating. 

Remember, though, that MEL-Con is simply a strong and tested tool for writing paragraphs.  While serving as a solid foundation, upperclassmen should build on this foundation while expanding and stretching to more eloquent and sophisticated ends.  Keep in mind that MEL-Con is a means to an end, not the end itself.

Writing, ultimately, is an expression of thought.  If thinking is weak, their writing will be as well.  So, let us continue to work on both the thoughts and the words of our developing minds!